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We had a volunteer group from Cambridge come and help us this afternoon, and they did a wonderful job! They not only filled bags, but also helped set everything up for production and opened boxes! They filled approximately 300 bags that are now ready for delivery over the next two weeks! Thank you Cambridge for the great help! November 27, 2023.  

Nov Scouts.jpg

Girl Scout Troop 4086 was a great help to Carry On Bags this afternoon! They filled 290 bags in less than 20 minutes! It has to be a record time! Those bags will be delivered to schools and preschools in Fairfield over the next two weeks! Thank you girls! You did a wonderful job! November 6, 2023.

Thank you friends at Word of Life Lutheran Church for the great help packing 290 food bags this afternoon! We always enjoy your visit and greatly appreciate your support over the years! October 23, 2023.


Carry On Bags volunteers are the best! We thank Graf & Company for coming in this afternoon and helping us fill close to 300 bags for delivery this week and next! They know numbers and completed the job in less than half an hour. Thanks for all your help! October 9, 2023

Carry On Bags had a terrific group from Cambridge come and help us fill bags this afternoon! By the time they were done, we had enough bags for distribution over the next two weeks. That was close to 300 bags! Thanks so much for the great help! September 25, 2023.


We thank First Christian Church of Fairfield for all their help this afternoon! This was the first bagging of the school year and they helped fill 300 bags of food to be distributed over the next two weeks. The First Christian Church has been long time supporters of Carry On Bags!  Thank you friends for all you do!  September 11, 2023.


We thank Girl Scout Troop 2288 for the super help this afternoon! They were so fast and efficient, 301 bags were filled in approximately 20 minutes! They have helped in the past and we hope to see them again during the next school year!  Thank you again!

May 15, 2023. 

Some Carry On Bags regulars, along with some additional friends of COB, helped fill 300+ bags this afternoon!   We thank you, friends,  for all your help, not only today but over the years!  May 1, 2023.


Our volunteer group this afternoon was First United Methodist Church Youth Group! Spring sports brought the numbers down for this packing, but we had some great help from a trio with a long history serving Carry On Bags!  Thank you friends! April 17, 2023.

Current picture to the left and pictures from the past to the right!


Thank you Future Leaders 4-H Group for your superb help this afternoon! We have had many fast workers come in to help, but we really think you broke all records! Thank you for your willingness to help others!  April 3, 2023


Girl Scout Troop 2288 swiftly filled 331 bags for us this afternoon. They were in the room less than 20 minutes and had the work done!  Thank you for your willingness to help, and for a job well done!  March 13 2023.


Our friends from the Leading Hands 4-H group returned this afternoon to help fill bags for delivery to the schools over the next 2 weeks!  We so appreciate your willingness to come and serve our community in this way. Thank you for your time!  February 27, 2023.


A big thank you to all the helping hands this afternoon! Clover Kids came and helped us fill two weeks worth of bags and they did a terrific job! They were very fast and detailed! Thank you Clover Kids!     February 13, 2023

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The Leading Hands 4-H group came out on this cold January day to help us fill 300+ bags for delivery this week and next. They did a great job and finished, we believe, in record time! We look forward to welcoming them back again soon!  Thank you Leading Hands!  January 30, 2023.


We had two great groups help us fill bags this afternoon! The first group consisted of two wonderful helpers from the FHS Student Council - though only one could stay for the picture. Thank you, once again, FHS! We love when you come!

The second group was Estey and friends! They too were super volunteers, very energetic, making short work of filling approximately 350 bags! We appreciate all our volunteers for their willingness to serve others! Thank You!  January 16, 2023


Our first volunteer group of 2023 is Alexandria and Sons. We were happy to have Alexandria bring her boys to help us fill 320 bags today!  They did a wonderful job, completing the task in less than 45 minutes!  Thank you! Hope to see you again soon!  January 2, 2023


We were so happy to have a lot of great help this afternoon!  Two groups made up our volunteers today. FHS Student Council returned, represented here by these three girls who are pros at filling bags! The other group was made up of boys from Cub Scout Pack 64. This was the first time filling bags for the boys, and they did a wonderful job!  We hope to see these volunteers again. Thank you all!! December

12, 2022.

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