This afternoon First Baptist Church APW Circle came and helped us fill bags.  There were 395 bags filled, to be distributed over the next 3 weeks! That is the most bags we have filled at one time this whole school year! Thank you so much for all of your help, First Baptist! May 9, 2022.


We thank the Kid's Club from First United Methodist Church in Fairfield for the energetic help this afternoon! With all those hands, and some adult assistance, 153 bags were filled in quick order!  Thank you Kid's Club! April 27, 2022.  


We want to thank our faithful friends from St. Mary's Catholic Church in Fairfield for, once again, coming to help us fill weekend bags for the Carry On Bags program! We enjoy your company and appreciate your help!  Thanks so much! April 25, 2022.


We had two super helpers from Girl Scout Troop 4086 today!  They filled 244 bags for delivery this week and next, with a little bit of help from a few adults. They had boundless energy and wore beautiful smiles as they made many trips around the tables! Thank you girls! April 11, 2022.


Our help this afternoon came from the Des Moines Ramblers 4-H Club. They are terrific workers, we could not ask for better help! Two Hundred and Twenty Two bags were filled, tied and packed for delivery over the next two weeks!  Thank you Des Moines Ramblers!  March 28, 2022.


Thank you friends from Word of Life Lutheran Church! This group came this afternoon and helped us fill 276 bags for delivery over the next 2 weeks! We were done in 30 minutes tops!  Thanks again for the super help! March 8, 2022.


The FHS Student Council came and helped fill bags this afternoon.  This is the same organization that came on February 7th, but new faces this time!  Thank you FHS Student Council, once again you did a super job!  Hope to see you again!  February 21, 2022. 


Once again the FHS Student Council (plus two) helped us fill bags this afternoon.  And once again, they did an excellent job! Thank you so much friends!  We always appreciate your help! February 7, 2022.


We were happy to have these two groups with us today to help fill bags. They are Leading Hands 4-H Club and Fairfield Clover Kids. Many have helped before. They all worked hard and did a super job! Thanks so much friends!  January 24, 2022. 


The Future Forgers 4-H Club came to help us today.  They came out on a bitter cold afternoon to fill approximately 250 food bags for distribution over the next two weeks!  They did an excellent job!  Thank you Future Forgers!  See you again soon!

January 10, 2022.


We had Girl Scout Troop 2288 return this afternoon, they helped about a month ago! They were every bit as fast and efficient as last time, if not more so!  Thank you so much, your help is greatly appreciated! December 13, 2021.


The Fairfield High School Student Council came to help us fill bags this afternoon.  With four present to help, they made many trips around the tables to fill close to 300 bags!  And they were very fast and efficient! Thank you friends from Fairfield High School!  Your help is very much appreciated!  November 29, 2021


We had some great help this afternoon from Girl Scout Troop 2288! They were very hard workers and quickly filled all 300 bags needed over the next two weeks!  Thanks so much girls! November 8, 2021.


Thank you Jefferson County Health Center for your help this afternoon!  You filled 300 bags in 30 minutes or less! We appreciate your enthusiasm and cheerfulness!  October 25, 2021


Once again we thank Cambridge friends for their excellent help this afternoon! You will notice a couple of familiar faces from our last bagging and some new ones too!  We always appreciate your help! Thank you!  October 11, 2021


This wonderful group from Cambridge came to help us late this afternoon! They filled close to 300 bags in a very short time! Thank you friends, we appreciate your help!  See you again soon! September 27, 2021. 


We thank our friends from St. Mary's Catholic Church for the great help this evening!  Because of their many trips around the tables to fill bags, we now have approximately 250 bags of food ready for delivery over the next two weeks! September 13, 2021