This class from Maharshi Middle School is learning about food insecurity. They came, along with their teacher, as volunteers this evening. Close to 300 bags were filled in a very short time!! They were the last bags to be filled this school year and will be distributed at the schools this week and next. Thank you friends for your service to others! May 10, 2021.


Thank you Girl Scout Troop 9663 for helping us prepare 296 bags for delivery over the next two weeks! Your fast and efficient work made the task a simple one! April 26, 2021.

Girl Scouts.jpg

We also thank Girl Scout Troop 9663 for their generous donation to Carry On Bags. We appreciate your desire to help others through your donation of time and money!  


Our friends from Word of Life Lutheran Church came out this afternoon to help us fill enough bags to distribute over the next two weeks! We thank you for all your time and energy spent to help others, both today and in the past!  Hope to see you again!  April 12, 2021.


We thank the Fairfield High School Student Council for helping us fill 510 bags of food for delivery over the next 3 weeks.  All this was done in less than an hour! We hope you know how much we appreciate your help!  It looked like a mighty task before you showed up!  Thank You!!  March 8, 2021.


When schools are called off because of the weather, Carry On Bags is unable to deliver weekend bags to those who have signed up for our program.  We depend on the schools to distribute the bags. Due to snow days, the delivery process was recently interrupted two weeks in a row.  As a result, we had very few bags to fill at our regular bagging Monday February 22, 2021. We completed the packing with a few of our regular volunteers who help set up each time.  A big thank you to our regular volunteers!!


Carry On Bags had the help of a very energetic group this evening that filled two weeks of bags in approximately 20 minutes!  Thank you so much Future Forger 4-H Club for coming out in the cold and snow to help others!  February 8, 2021.


Because of a winter storm warning in the area, we changed our time and volunteers for this packing. Much thanks to HyVee in Fairfield for getting our delivery to us two hours early! Also thanks to our regular volunteers who came in early, at a moments notice. Finally, we thank the faithful family that we called in to help. They said "yes" without hesitation! We were able to finish our work before the first flake fell! To our volunteers previously signed up to help today, we hope to see you soon! Carry On Bags volunteers are the best!  January 25, 2021.

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Thank you First United Methodist Church youth for the the excellent help this evening!  You were all very fast and efficient. We were done in record time!  November 30, 2020.

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Rayburn girls.jpg

We had a great group of volunteers this evening from Jefferson County Health Center that helped us fill approximately 400 bags!  Thank you friends, we appreciate all your help!  November 9, 2020.

JCHC 11_9-1.jpg

The Reifsteck and Weaton families came to help us fill bags this evening.  They braved the cold and helped us quickly fill approximately 250 bags! Thank you friends!  October 26, 2020


Thank you friends from Word of Life Lutheran Church for the excellent help this evening!  252 bags were filled for delivery this week and next. October 12, 2020.


Many thanks to our volunteers this evening! A very helpful group from JCHC came and helped fill approximately 280 bags in a very short time. Thank you JCHC!  September 28, 2020


This faithful group of volunteers helped us fill the last bags for the 2019/2020 school year this evening. June 23, 2020.

We had some friends come out this evening that have helped repeatedly! Thanks for all the help! We look forward to seeing you again! June 9, 2020.

Much thanks for the great help pictured here and in the thumbnails! We appreciate all of you helping this evening to fill approximately 500 bags! May 26th, 2020.

We are so thankful  for our volunteers, we could not do this without them! Tonight we thank the Reifsteck family along with some regulars!  May 12, 2020.